We all have amazing cameras right in our pockets. At any given moment you can capture photos and post them to your social media accounts. But do they produce the image of your business that you want to portray?

Producing great photos is challenging. It takes practice to capture flattering expressions, proper white balance and tack sharp focus. Professional photographers produce consistent results. Having mastered these professional grade cameras and lighting equipment, they make an ordinary scene tell a story and ignite a feeling. Hire a professional, and be assured that the effort you put into getting models and preparing for the photoshoot will produce a gallery of compelling images to use in your social media campaigns.

Chris McKeel has been a photographer for 30+ years. Her photography has been in magazines and on billboards and currently adorns the walls of homes throughout the country. She knows how to use composition, lighting, and posing to create flattering images that will draw your audience to your brand.