Looking into the New Pinterest Trends

Pinterest just unveiled its new Trends site. This page shows what people are searching for on Pinterest right now, plus what they’re not searching for anymore. The line graphs show some interesting seasonal trends, such as searches for persimmons replacing searches for peaches. You can also enter your own search term (e.g. “wellness”) and see how it’s trending. For the record, wellness searches suddenly increased in January, not surprising with all the folks trying to follow their new years resolutions.

But even more interesting is the new Pinterest100 showing top trends on the rise and how they’re expressed around the world. For example, the “conscious consumption” trend looks at searches for thrifted and secondhand items. This would be good to know, for example, if you’re running a vintage shop, so you could update your advertising to reflect current trends.

That’s what makes this information really useful: not the ability to chase trends, but the ability to see what trends mesh with what a business is already doing. It’s a fascinating look at what people are searching for and what kind of language they’re using. For example, the “Social Media in Balance” column I wrote for Bella Magazine’s January issue fits the Social Media Detox trend under Finding Balance. This gives me ideas for hashtags and language I can use to get the widest possible audience for that article when I share it.

What trends do you find interesting? Do you see anything that surprises you, or might change the way you market your business? Share in the comments.


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