Promote Your Business with Hashtag Holidays

Every month, Twitter creates a marketing calendar for their platform. Here’s the September 2019 calendar. This gives businesses on Twitter a preview of some of the subjects and hashtags that will be trending throughout the month. If you think about it, it’s almost like being able to predict the future! For at least a few days a month, you can guarantee that your business’ tweets will be perfectly on trend.

And it’s not just Twitter that does this (though the metrics that they share in their calendar are extremely useful). So-called “Hashtag Holidays” exist across every major social media platform. Everything from National Hat Day (January 15) to Human Rights Day (December 10) has a hashtag associated with it.

If you’re looking for content ideas for your social media, mixing hashtag holidays in with traditional holidays is a great way to be timely and on trend. Of course, make sure that the hashtags you choose fit with your business. For example, a daycare probably shouldn’t celebrate National Tequila Day (July 24). But there are plenty of special days that should make excellent opportunities to promote your business.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

And if you need help deciding which holidays and events will work best for your small business, contact us.

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